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With our wide range of products, we sell wholesale fabrics to all over Turkey and more than 10 countries.
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Your reliable and experienced business partner in the textile market in Turkey and abroad!

Linens Fabric

Meeting Point of Comfort and Elegance

While we appeal to all tastes with our modern and classic pattern options, our colour palette is presented in a wide range to illuminate your spaces.


Gabardine Fabric

The Perfect Harmony of Durability and Style

Elegant design, durable construction, flexible use, water resistance, elegance.


Cotton Flame Fabric

Natural Comfort Suitable for All Seasons

It stands out with its soft texture, comfortable feel, breathable structure, natural beauty and durability.


You are where experience and innovation meet!


The address of quality and trust with years of experience

We started this journey in 1992, where we show our success with customer satisfaction by targeting quality and always aiming to be better. We are among the leading companies with our difference by always developing and progressing without breaking our line until today.

The quality of the product we produce is the result of the use of the latest technology and innovations, our selection of quality raw materials and the careful work of our experienced experts who love their work. Our company, which continues its commercial activities in an innovative and contemporary understanding, acts by considering that every added value is a brick laid for our country’s future.

Years Experience
Fabric and Colour Options
We Offer
High Quality in Production

We provide high quality in production in the most accurate way.

Advanced Production Technologies

By utilising the latest production technologies, we aim for excellence at every stage of our products. This high technology guarantees consistent and high quality at every step of our production process.

Expert Team

We exhibit a superior performance at every stage of quality with our experienced employees who are experts in their fields. The knowledge and skill of our team is the cornerstone of our high quality products.

Continuous Improvement

We act with the understanding of continuous improvement in our production processes. This approach allows us to continuously improve the quality of our products and quickly adapt to innovations in the industry.

Quality Control Processes

Each of our products undergoes strict quality control processes before they are released to the market. These processes ensure that we offer only the best products to our customers.

Sustainable Material Selection

By choosing sustainable and high-quality materials, we fulfil our responsibility to the environment. These materials enhance the durability and performance of our products, while ensuring that we respect our planet.

Customer Feedback

We continuously improve our products and services by taking feedback from our customers seriously. This feedback helps us to shape our products to maximise customer satisfaction.


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